100% Self Sufficient Blockchain

A Blockchain is a network application. In principle, any Decentralized Application must incentivize every function which it requires. From this basis, Proof-of-Performance is designed to function with 100% self-sufficiency, guaranteeing that no hole has been left in Litheum’s armor.

Global Scale

Grow and Shrink with Supply and Demand.

Proof-of-Performance consensus starts with using fees as Difficulty. Block Farmers and Transaction Farmers set a price-per-bytes and the Block Size grows and shrinks with supply and demand. Farmers compete to deliver the most efficient transaction finality, so Litheum Blockchain enjoys unbounded growth.

Rethinking Decentralization from the Ground up.


Farmers deploy ideal hardware, maximizing efficiency; blocks grow in size as demand increases

Single Chain

A single chain maximizes distribution of blockchain data, maximizing redundancy and safety

Simple User

Cheap on-chain smart contracts means the simplest possible interface for wallet users, minimal complexity


Everyone has a role in consensus and can earn rewards, learn more!


EVM-compatibility means all the best DApps will be part of the Litheum Ecosystem


Proof-of-Performance guarantees the most efficient finality, no wasted hardware or energy


Block Farmers

Add Blocks into the Litheum Blockchain

Transaction Farmers

Add Transactions into Blocks

Data Farmers

Provide Data to wallets and other Farmers

Lucky Farmers

Work with Data Farmers to ensure fairness, everyone is a Lucky Farmer

Token / IDO

Litheum will be minting a 1:1 wrapped token that will be made available prior to Mainnet. The wrapped token will be available on DEXes and through a public sale.

How it works

Litheum is the first and only Proof-of-Performance blockchain. This new, novel consensus provides Global Scale with Full Decentralization. Seems too good to be true?

Get Involved

Litheum is still at an early stage and will need help with engineering, building our ecosystem, and telling the world about our vision.